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Welcome to the SeedCrest Training Center, a cloud-based learning and human capital management SAAS tool for expanding cannabis companies that want educated employees. WHO IS SEEDCREST? We are pioneers of the first certificates for entrepreneurs and the cannabis workforce in Greater New Mexico. We are known for our community work in recruitment and training. SeedCrest, Inc. was founded by Shanon Jaramillo. Miss Jaramillo was on the Marijuana Working Group under Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham to provide workforce training program research and jobs data for the state. Since then, SeedCrest has continued to study the law and regulations as leaders in supporting licensed companies to expand and launch their businesses with trained staff. WHAT DOES THIS PLATFORM DO? For managers, this system is an onboarding and training software as a service product with administrative controls for onboarding and training employees annually. The recordkeeping feature is meant for regulated cannabis employers and the government to help streamline annual state-required education and reporting.

Welcome to the SeedCrest Training Center! Cloud-based learning and human capital management tools for expanding cannabis companies that want educated employees. Academics Division Charged with approving curriculum and enforcing policies and procedures, the Academics Division is the designated authority on SeedCrest education policies, curricula quality, and best practices while guiding students, faculty, and staff in driving program progress and student success. Contacts Please contact the SeedCrest, Inc. Academic Division to speak to the designated authority for the Cannabis Establishment Technician + HIPAA and all SeedCrest curriculum. Management and Personnel Shanon Jaramillo Chief Empowerment Officer 505-550-4294 Jenna Burt-Thames, MPH Director of Curriculum 505-550-4294 Ryan Sams Academic Relations Specialist I 505-550-4294 Jessica C. Shutiva HR & Director of Recruitment and Training 505-550-4294 Lisa Gallegos Student Recruiting Coordinator 505-550-4294 Eduardo Meliton Quezada Customer & Tech Support 505-550-4294 Brand & Event Ambassadors Brandi Torivio - Brand Leader Sean Lee - Brand Ambassador SeedCrest, Inc. is located in The BioScience Center in Uptown Albuquerque, New Mexico, and can be contacted at, 505-550-4294.

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