Our Story

SeedCrest is an educational and software company focused on breaking the stigma of organic medical alternatives through education. By offering state-specific training, we are able to help companies keep pace with the regulations, while helping professionals to enter the field from an educated standpoint. For the past three years, we’ve been educating new and experienced talent to the field while working alongside some of the most prominent businesses in our community. We’ve created a reliable 5-STAR program to bridge education and training gaps to expedite skill sets to the marketplace. Upon completion of our program, our trained workforce is ready to be on-board with the most ethical and knowledgeable professionals for our state’s consumer patients. Through our online Educational Center, we offer all New Mexicans access to education about the industry from the legal, scientific, and business perspectives. Our business philosophy is built on a customer service philosophy of abundance, creating an educational gateway, and the highest of standards.