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SeedCrest is on a mission to break the stigma through education. Our platform not only helps you keep your team educated and trained, but also organizes your data in one portal for a more efficient workflow.

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What's Included?

    $200 per month with 12 month License

  • Enroll employees into Core Compliance Training for 1 year, for $10 a month per student for 12 months.

  • Track the progress of all student employees and download their completion certificates.

  • Export Tracking Report of Employee Compliance Data that expedites your annual re-licensure with DOH.

  • Create your own courses.

  • Use the Dashboard as a CRM to store and utilize Contact data.

  • Correspond with SeedCrest Recruiting Professionals for additional Career Placement requests.

  • Access to SeedCrest support.

  • Sign up and manage employees for more classes than just Core Compliance Training.

Empower Your Team Through Education

Enrolling your team in our industry classes and streamlines your compliance standards.


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