Learning Management Policies
  1. Program Scope, Purpose, and Intended Outcomes
  2. CET + HIPAA Certificate Issuance and Use Policy
  3. Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security Policy
  4. Records Management & Doc Control
  5. Fees, Cancellation, and Refunds Policy
  6. Complaints and Appeals Policy
  7. Nondiscrimination Policy
  8. SeedCrest’s Personnel and Outsourcing Policy
  9. Frequently Asked Questions about CET + HIPAA
  10. Term & Conditions
  11. Privacy Policy
Program Scope, Purpose, and Intended Outcomes

The program scope is the core competencies managers and employees require to handle cannabis compliantly in New Mexico.

Core competencies

Law, Regulations, Customer Limitations for Purchasing, Standards and policies, Transportation, Safety, Health, Sanitizing, Identifying Hazards, Making an Assessment, Active Shooter, Robbery, Fire Training, Recordkeeping, Labeling, Plant Biology, HIPAA, Ethics.

The program aims to provide comprehensive Cannabis Establishment Technician + HIPAA compliance training for retail, manufacturing, and production employees operating under the New Mexico Administrative Code regulations and the Cannabis Regulation Act. Courses are formatted to allow attendees to self-study in an online learning environment. This program will identify learner comprehension of the intended learning outcomes of this course through an end-of-course exam. It will provide successful examinees with a certificate that documents preparedness as a food handler.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The CET + HIPAA program provides training in basic cannabis industry compliance knowledge and skills. The intended learning outcomes are:

  • Identify proper procedures for customer access to cannabis

  • Identify appropriate methods for IDing customers and vendor

  • Recognize dangerous situations

  • Identify appropriate methods and techniques that ensure edible and product safety.

  • Understand recordkeeping and state auditing requirements

  • Gain familiarity with standard operating procedures required for licensed businesses

  • Become empowered around the state’s cannabis systems

  • Be able to help customers around the patient and commercial limitations and processes

  • Identify proper hygiene, cleaning, and sanitizing methods for the workplace

  • Participation in a drug-free and safety-sensitive-worker workplace

  • Understand the marketplace and the history of cannabis policy

  • Operate with Ethics and HIPAA-compliant practices

  • Requirements for taking the course and attaining a certificate

    Learners must have the following to take this course:
    • The ability to self-guide through registration and enrollment or to call for assistance is required.

    • A desktop, laptop, or smartphone with wifi and a Google Chrome or Explorer Browser must take SeedCrest courses.

    • A reliable internet connection is mandatory.

    • Taking the system on a tablet or iPad will not work.

    • A valid form of payment to enroll in the course online.

      Interaction with all course modules and subtopics is necessary by clicking on them and walking through each lesson. Full course completion for a certificate is achieved with the interaction of all the material and an exam score of 80% or higher. The exam is 70 questions in

      multiple-choice, multiple-answer, and fill-in-the-blank format. Learners can choose to use notes and have two times to try to pass the exam.

      There are no age restrictions for obtaining a certificate in the CET + HIPAA topics; however, there is an age restriction to work in cannabis. One must be 21 years old to work in cannabis in New Mexico.

      Course Expiration

      The CET + HIPAA certificate has a 12-month expiration date from the date of the passed exam.

      Course Design

      The education staff designed this course and exam originally in 2018. Revisions have taken place yearly, and the name changed from the Core Compliance Training to the Cannabis Establishment Technician + HIPAA Program in 2020 with the passing of legalization in New Mexico.

      The team has over 65 years of experience in staff education, public health education, and professional industry licensing and certification systems design. The group includes a Master in Public Health, who has worked in the past as the Public Health Educator for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Division.

      The CET + HIPAA program was designed using the ADDIE model. The model includes 5 phases of development - analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation - providing a dynamic, flexible guideline for building practical training and performance support tools.

      See the Certificate Program Instructional Design Plan.

      The Curriculum Development Team comprises a group of stakeholders: college faculty, policy and public health, job and workforce, and curriculum experts. This group oversees the assembly of the course materials and the development of the exam. The group is known as Course Subject Matter Experts or CSMEs.

      Fees, Cancellation, and Refunds Policy

      Course Cost

      The online CET+HIPPA program and certificate cost is $255.00. The course fee is collected electronically via a secure website using a valid credit card. This pricing is subject to promotional discounts for limited times at the discretion of SeedCrest, Inc. Fees are collected at the time of enrollment. Students must be registered to the platform to pay for courses and programs.


      There are NO REFUNDS after the course material has been accessed or the online exam has been taken. If the user or learner chooses to challenge this policy, SeedCrest, Inc. reserves the right to act on a per-case basis. All final decisions outside of the central policy must be CEO-approved.

      Special circumstances include but are not limited to:

    • The purchase was made without the consent of the cardholder.

    • The certificate has been reissued incorrectly more than three times.


All learners are allowed two attempts at the exam to pass with an 80% or better.


SeedCrest, Inc. currently accepts no commercial support nor provides commercial support in financial assistance. Any decision to accept a commercial investment or help in the future requires that SeedCrest, Inc. maintain contracts/agreements with the entity providing commercial financial or in-kind support that specify the provider of such support does not have any influence over the conduct and content of the certificate program. Contact info@seedcrest.io to discuss providing commercial support to SeedCrest, Inc. or Financial Aid to SeedCrest, Inc. Learners.

Certificate Use

Individuals receiving a CET + HIPAA certificate have successfully achieved the course's learning outcomes and qualify to interview for jobs in the cannabis industry.

Time Restriction for Exam Completion

The exam is not timed. To achieve a certificate, learners have two attempts to pass the test with an 80% or higher.


The CET + HIPAA comes out with a new version every year, denoted by the year added to the course title.

CET + HIPAA Certificate Issuance and Use Policy Certificate Provider

SeedCrest, Inc. issues CET + HIPAA certificates in a manner that informs certificate holders and stakeholders on the proper use and interpretation of the certificates issued. SeedCrest, Inc. develops all criteria for certificate issuance and is the sole authority for distributing all SeedCrest, Inc. certificates (SeedCrest, Inc. does not outsource this decision). Only SeedCrest, Inc., can issue Cannabis Establishment Technician + HIPAA Certificates.


Certificates are issued in real time after the learner fulfills all requisites. All requisites for the certification, including exam scores, are verified online at www.seedcrest.io. SeedCrest, Inc. uses only the information gathered during the certificate program process online as a basis for issuing the certificate.

To obtain the certificate, learners must register, enroll, and pay, and then they must engage in the following activities with the course:
  1. Read and listen or watch videos.

  2. Interact with all modules and lessons by clicking through on images, lessons, knowledge checkpoints, and role-playing scenarios.

  3. Take all practice quizzes at the end of each section to practice before taking the final exam.

  4. Pass the final exam with an 80% or higher (with fewer than two attempts).

  5. After the exam is passed, Learners will go to the dashboard or profile and click on the new button for the certificate and can download and print the PDF file from there.

  6. Non-Transferability

  7. SeedCrest, Inc. certificates are only issued to individuals and are non-transferrable.

  8. Certificate Details

  9. SeedCrest, Inc. certificates are signed by the CEO and include:
    • Full Name of the certificate holder

    • Title and scope of the certificate program

    • SeedCrest, Inc. name and watermark seal

    • Certificate expiration date – This is defined as one year from the issuance date

    • The term of validity will be one year or 12 months

    • Invalidating a certificate

    • Determination is made that a certificate holder did not participate in the required course and post-assessment.

    • Determination is made that a certificate holder received the certificate by administrative or technical error.

    • Determination of improper use of identification presented.

    • Determination that cheating took place.

    • Determination that false information was presented.

    • Determination is made that a certificate holder still needs to attain an 80% or higher score on the exam.


SeedCrest, Inc. designates learners who complete the CET + HIPAA certificate and the required background checks as 5 STAR Alumni, eligible to interview for jobs in cannabis dispensaries, manufacturing, and cultivation.


The certificate's validity term is one year from the certificate issue date. This term allows the program to respond to changes in New Mexico Administrative Code regulations and the Cannabis Regulation Act Statute, which historically progresses with updates to law and policy every year. This 1-year term is a standard observed in the New Mexico licensed cannabis establishment industry.

This term aligns with state and local regulatory agency requirements. Some jurisdictions may require more frequent certificate renewal or retake. It is recommended that all certificate holders confirm with their local regulatory agency and employer regarding their specific certificate renewal or retake requirements.

Certificate-holders must complete the course requirements annually to achieve a refresher certificate with a new expiration date.


Any questions regarding the SeedCrest, Inc. Certificate Issuance and Usage Policy or any other procedure or policy-related issues can be forwarded to info@seedcrest.io, Subject Line: Certificate Question.

Certificate Communications

Learners who finish the exam with an 80% or higher are notified in real-time that they have passed and can click on a button to obtain their certificate. The certificate is also stored and available on their Student dashboard and profile. A button appears, allowing them to download the certificate in PDF format. The certificate has the expiration date near the signature line.

Students are notified by email and on their dashboards when it is time to retake a course for certificate renewal.

Obtaining Certificates

Learners can print their CET + HIPAA certificate by logging into www.seedcrest.io with their email and a password. If the learner meets the requirements, credentials are stored directly on their Student Dashboard and Profile in secured .pdf format, available to download and print.

Certificates may not be modified or changed in any way without the written permission of SeedCrest, Inc.

Once awarded a certificate, certificate-holders can say that they have a certificate showing completion in studies of required compliance topics to work and onboard for jobs with a licensed New Mexico retail dispensary, manufacturer, and producer.

Certificate questions can be submitted to Customer & Technical Support via email to info@seedcrest.io, Subject Line: Certificate Question.


Employers, learners, and jurisdictions can verify Certificates by contacting SeedCrest, Inc. at www.seedcrest.io or by calling our Customer Care line at 1-505-550-4294 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 MDT. Written requests for verification or documentation are provided, when appropriate, by SeedCrest, Inc. within 30 business days.

Lost or Destroyed Certificates

If a certificate-holder needs another copy of their certificate, it can be obtained by contacting info@seedcrest.io or the Customer Care line at 1-505-550-4294 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 MDT.


CET + HIPAA expires one year after the date the exam was successfully passed. Learners and stakeholders should stay current on training regulations in the NMAC 16.8.2 rules to ensure that staff meet required refresher training updates annually.

Be sure to follow the renewal requirements provided by the NMAC 16.8.2 rules for the company. To achieve a certificate with a new expiration, learners need to complete the requirements of the CET + HIPAA program annually.

Use or Reference to the Certificate

The CET + HIPAA certificate gives learners a foundation of knowledge over topics required for retail, manufacturing, and production establishment employees during 30 days of employment and annually.

The value and applications of the certificate and the ANSI Accreditation mark on the CET +

HIPAA certificate or references to accreditation shall not be misled by any SeedCrest representative, advertisement, or certificate holder.

Certificate-holders in the CET + HIPPA program have basic knowledge of safety, health, quality control, customer care, products, methods of ingestion, limitations for purchasing, types of customers, standard operating procedures, audits, rules, law, compliance, history, plant biology, hazard communications, sanitation, and a business, scientific, and technical vocabulary.

Usage rights
  • Acronym use

  • Certificate holders, stakeholders, course representatives, media, and advertisers shall use the acronym CET + HIPAA or CET to describe the Cannabis Establishment Technician

  • + HIPAA certificate program.

  • Logos and symbols use

  • Certificate holders, stakeholders, course representatives, media, and advertisers shall request permission to use and display SeedCrest, Inc. logos, accreditation symbols, certificates, and symbols used to make the CET + HIPAA program known publicly.

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate holders, stakeholders, courser representatives, media, and advertisers shall refer to the CET + HIPAA certificate as a certificate of completion, not as a certification, permit, college credit, or license.

Inappropriate Usage

Anyone improperly using or displaying the CET + HIPAA certificate, acronyms, symbols, or logos will be notified promptly and asked to cease continuing the improper display. Individuals and companies informed shall have 14 business days to comply with the request.

Please report any concerns regarding the inappropriate use of or improper references to info@seedcrest.io or the Customer Care line at 1-505-550-4294 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 MDT.

Disclaimer: The contents of the Courier Safety Standards for the Cannabis Workforce, such as texts, images, information, graphics, videos, and references, are for informational purposes only. SeedCrest, Inc. is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the reader's reliance on information obtained in our assets or courses. If you do not accept this responsibility, you should not use SeedCrest assets for information. SeedCrest Inc. does not guarantee that the contents or services provided with this course will not be interrupted, stopped, or undergo any other failure.

Contact info@seedcrest.io or 505-550-4294 for assistance.

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security Policy

SeedCrest, Inc. believes that privacy is essential to fair treatment. This statement sets forth the policy for SeedCrest and describes the practices we follow concerning the information of our courses, programs, and website users. Should you have any questions about this policy or our practices, please submit an email to info@SeedCrest.io or write to us at SeedCrest, Inc.

Attention: Compliance 7510 Montgomery Blvd NE Suite 106, ABQ, NM 87109

You may also call us at 1-505-550-4294

Personal Information We Collect

SeedCrest, Inc. collects your personal information when you voluntarily provide it to us. If you choose to subscribe with us online or submit your resume, we ask that you provide limited personal information such as your name, phone number, address, and email. We also collect information allowing you to establish an interview with a potential employer or an account with us if you would like to do that.

How To Change or Update Your Personal Information

Suppose you have sent in your information to become part of our qualified student applicant pool. In that case, you may change or update your personal information by logging onto your account and making any changes. If you need any help updating your information on the website, please email us at info@SeedCrest.io with the Subject Line: Change Information and we will be in touch to help you complete your request.

How We Use Personal Information That We Collect Online Internal Uses

We may use your personal information within SeedCrest: (1) to provide you with the services and products you request or that have been ordered by you or on your behalf by an employer; (2) to answer questions about our services; billing, payment methods or use of our website; (3) to process or collect payments for our services, (4) to conduct customer surveys; and (5) to contact you about the products and services that we offer.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose any personal information to any third party (excluding our contractors to whom we may provide such information for the limited purpose of providing services to us and who are obligated to keep the information confidential) unless (1) you have authorized us to do so; (2) we are legally required to do so, for example, in response to a subpoena, court order or other legal process and, (3) it is necessary to protect our property rights related to this website.

Records Management and Documentation Control

This Records Management & Documentation Control Policy guides SeedCrest, Inc.’s Academics and Career Departments in effectively designating, maintaining, and archiving records. It applies to all departments, offices, and employees responsible for initiating, receiving, maintaining, storing, using, and archiving documents. SeedCrest, Inc., Inc. requires that records be managed per the following procedures.

SeedCrest Inc., Inc. adopts the international standard ISO 15489: ISO 15489, Information and Documentation – Records Management, as the guiding framework for this policy.


Information is a valuable asset, and its accurate and appropriate use and management are essential to fulfilling SeedCrest, Inc.’s value proposition as a community education provider. Records containing critical information are managed as SeedCrest, Inc.’s most vital resource for learners, partners, and clients.

Accordingly, this Policy establishes recordkeeping requirements to be followed by all departments and offices to ensure SeedCrest, Inc. can meet operational and legal obligations. See Definitions at the end of this document.

Scope and Applications
  1. Records Management Program Accountabilities

    SeedCrest, Inc.’s Course Management and Administration Team manages access to SeedCrest, Inc. records and consults with appropriate staff or faculty regarding special access conditions to specific documents.

    Tech and Customer Care & LMS Development are responsible for maintaining adequate records as part of SeedCrest, Inc. operations.

    Third Parties who purchase Business Solutions, Courses, and Programs through SeedCrest, Inc. are accountable for ensuring compliance with all applicable recordkeeping requirements and standards.

  2. Recordkeeping Responsibilities for Offices and departments

    • In addition to the accountabilities described above, it shall be the responsibility of each department or office to ensure that the following are done.

    • Review the types of SeedCrest, Inc. records in its possession and determine appropriate formats to ensure usability, integrity, and accessibility for as long as the documents are needed.

    • Train and educate staff concerning this Policy and any departmental or office procedures for handling records.

    • Merge Duplicate records (including duplicate electronic records) immediately.

    • Purge inactive records older than five years from the software.

  3. Good Records Management Practices

    • Employees must manage SeedCrest, Inc. records carefully, ensuring their authenticity and usefulness. To do this, departments and offices have the responsibility to ensure that their employees.

    • Create profiles and records that fully and accurately document core activities.

    • Manage and store records in a manner that facilitates timely and accurate retrieval.

    • Protect the integrity of the record by not falsifying information.

    • Do not share records with outside agencies, friends, or family members.

    • Allow only those with the proper authority to access records and information systems.

    • Drafting and Receiving Records

      All departments and offices are responsible for drafting SeedCrest, Inc. records in the www.seedcrest.io database and Google Docs. They are also responsible for adequately handling records received from other SeedCrest, Inc. departments or outside parties. To do this, managers and employees must.

    • Know and comply with external laws, regulations, standards, and professional ethics that affect the management of their records; State and Federal laws and limitations apply.

    • Determine what documents they need to conduct business.

    • Determine which employees have the responsibility and authority to create and use departmental records.

    • Incorporate departmental records creation activities and responsibilities into departmental policies and procedures and provide periodic training on good recordkeeping practices.

    • Periodically review departmental records creation/receipt and filing procedures.

    • To the extent possible, limit the creation of records with Personal Information.

    • Protect SeedCrest, Inc. records at all times from unintentional loss or damage and from access by unauthorized persons.

  4. Records and Storage

    All divisions of SeedCrest, Inc. maintain their records in a safe, stable, and secure manner that supports timely and accurate retrieval with appropriate controls on their accessibility. To do this, managers and employees act within the developed digital CRM/HCM/ATS/LMS system at www.seedcrest.io.

  5. Details and Retention

    All assessment and profile records are maintained in a secure database. Employees can add, access, and manage records through administrative and assigned log-ins to the software.

    Student assessment records are retained in four categories

    • College Students - 5 years

    • 5 STAR Alumni - 5 years

    • Active - 5 years

    • Inactive - 5 years

    • Client records are kept in two categories

    • Client - 5 years

      • Subcategory: Contact

    • Lead - 5 years

      • Subcategory: Contact

  6. Compliance

All departments and offices must ensure that their recordkeeping practices comply with applicable SeedCrest, Inc., Inc. policies and external laws, regulations, standards, and professional ethics.


Active records: Active records are original SeedCrest, Inc. records (i.e., records created by or received by an employee while doing work on behalf of their department or office), which are referenced and used regularly. Active records are revised and kept annually based on need, legalities, liabilities, and usage.

Archived records: Archived records are original SeedCrest, Inc. records deemed enduring value to SeedCrest, Inc. Archived records are kept in the SeedCrest, Inc. database for permanent preservation.

SeedCrest, Inc. Archive: The SeedCrest, Inc., Inc. Archive(s) is a specialized repository that has specific protocols in place to protect the integrity, authenticity, and security of physical and digital artifacts and records that have been saved as evidence of transactions and to ensure their usability as far into the future as necessary.

SeedCrest, Inc. records: SeedCrest, Inc. records are original and official evidence of business transactions, decisions, and actions. All information regardless of media, including, but not limited to, digital and paper curriculum and student assets, paper and electronic documents, and any and all other recordings such as audio video, testimonials, digital still images, digital or YouTube videos, reels, social media, emails, etc. SeedCrest, Inc. records are the exclusive property of SeedCrest, Inc., Inc., except as otherwise noted in SeedCrest, Inc.’s Intellectual Property Ownership Policy.

Disposition: Disposition is implementing records retention, destruction, or transfer decisions.

Electronic Record: A SeedCrest, Inc. record created, received, or maintained in a non-tangible, electronic format that requires hardware and software to read. Electronic Records include, but are not limited to, documents, spreadsheets, databases, HTML documents, scanned or imaged documents, and any other type of file warehoused online, on a mainframe, on a computer hard drive, or any external storage medium, including disks and thumb drives, handheld computers or tablets, and cell phones.

Inactive Record: An expired SeedCrest, Inc. record, such as a certificate or resume, is inactive yet kept for up to 2 years.

HIPAA Compliance: SeedCrest, Inc. applies HIPAA and Security compliance to all recordkeeping practices.

PHI is Protected Health Information, which includes all private and medical information.

Records Life Cycle: The distinct phases of a record’s existence, from creation to final disposition.

Records location: Student and Certificate records are kept in the SeedCrest, Inc. SaaS database at www.SeedCrest, Inc.io.

Fees, Cancellation, and Refunds Course Cost

The online CET+HIPPA program and certificate cost is $255.00. The course fee is collected electronically via a secure website using a valid credit card. This pricing is subject to promotional discounts for limited times at the discretion of SeedCrest, Inc. Fees are collected at the time of enrollment. Students must be registered to the platform to pay for courses and programs. Once the student has paid and the course has been added to the dashboard, SeedCrest is issued an internal fee for that transaction, costing SeedCrest for the file transfer to the student. A refund causes a loss to SeedCrest for this file transfer and also in time for issuing a check and refund, which also causes a loss in cost to the company.


It is our policy at SeedCrest that once the Student has willingly purchased the course, there are NO REFUNDS. There are certainly no refunds after the course material has been accessed or the online exam has been taken. If the user or learner chooses to challenge this policy, SeedCrest, Inc. reserves the right to act on a per-case basis. The learner must then file a complaint and go through the complaint and appeals process, which can take up to 30 days. All final decisions outside of the central policy are reviewed by Management and must be CEO-approved.

Special circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • The purchase was made without the consent of the cardholder.

  • The certificate has been reissued incorrectly more than three times.

Complaints and Appeals Policy Purpose

The Complaints and Appeals Policy ensures that all complaints and appeals are recorded, acknowledged, and dealt with fairly, efficiently, and effectively.


The Complaints and Appeals Policy applies to all employees of SeedCrest, Inc., learners, and stakeholders. It provides guidelines for handling complaints and appeals and must always be followed. This policy has been developed to address complaints and requests, including appeals against decisions made by the SeedCrest, Inc. Course Management Team.

SeedCrest, Inc. applies this policy consistently and fairly for all learners across all courses and programs.


This policy aims to specify the conditions under which learners and stakeholders may feel the need to express dissatisfaction with the services or products of SeedCrest, Inc.


SeedCrest, Inc. understands that, on occasion, there may be instances of dissatisfaction and acknowledges that causes of dissatisfaction must be addressed and rectified promptly. In such cases, SeedCrest, Inc. invites feedback from the dissatisfied party to find a resolution, and any outcomes are considered for inclusion into SeedCrest, Inc.’s continuous improvement cycle.

SeedCrest, Inc. strives to address all complaints and appeals fairly, constructively, and timely.

SeedCrest, Inc. ensures it embeds the principles of procedural fairness, integrity, and ethics in its operations by:
  • Dealing with complaints and appeals promptly, including ensuring that complainants and appellants remained informed of the process after submitting a complaint or appeal.

  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality in the investigation of all complaints and appeals.

  • Providing complainants and appellants the opportunity to present their case.

  • Enabling complainants and appellants the opportunity to participate in moderation if necessary.

  • Operating in a fair and unbiased manner in handling all complaints and appeals.

  • Maintaining a register of all complaints and appeals submitted, including outcomes.

  • Ensuring all complaints and appeals are acknowledged and informed of the process and decisions made during the process.

  • Recognizing that a student with a complaint or appeal has the right to raise the complaint or appeal and to expect that every effort will be made to resolve it per this policy without prejudice or fear of reprisal or victimization.

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest during the complaints and appeals process by ensuring that those engaged in the determination of appeals are different from those involved in the decision being appealed and

  • Complaint Process
  • Contact SeedCrest, Inc. administration via email or telephone to request a Complaints/Appeals form at info@seedcrest.io or 1-505-550-4294.

  • Upon receipt, complete and return a copy of the form to SeedCrest, Inc. for processing. Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged in writing via return email, usually within 48 hours.

  • Where learners wish to remain anonymous, they must indicate this on the Complaints/Appeals form.

  • An investigation into the learner’s complaint will commence immediately.

  • After discussions, the CEO will take in all the evidence to decide. This process will usually take around 45 days. Upon completion of the investigation, the Complainant will receive formal correspondence from SeedCrest, Inc. advising:

    • The outcome and decision made about the outcome

    • The reason that the decision has been made

  • SeedCrest, Inc. aims to bring all complaints to a mutually acceptable conclusion within 45 days.

  • If, for any reason, the process needs to be extended or will go beyond the forty-five days, SeedCrest, Inc. will ensure that the learner is updated as soon as any delay becomes apparent.

    Appeals Process
  • If the learner disagrees with an assessment decision, they must discuss this with the CEO first.

  • If the learner remains dissatisfied with the outcome of this discussion, they must then contact SeedCrest, Inc. administration to obtain a Complaints/Appeals Form.

  • Upon receipt, complete and return a copy of the form to SeedCrest, Inc. for processing. Receipt of the appeal will be acknowledged in writing via return email, usually within 48 hours.

  • All appeals against assessment decisions must be received within seven business days of the assessment decision. Requests submitted after this time will only be accepted if the CEO approves.

  • An investigation into the learner’s appeal will commence immediately and may require the learner to participate in an interview with SeedCrest, Inc.’s CEO. Any requirements to participate in a formal interview will be arranged within seven days of receiving the appeal and may be conducted over the telephone or in person.

  • The CEO will appoint an independent assessor to review the original assessment evidence and make an informed judgment after the discussion. This process will usually take around seven days.

  • Within seven days of completion of the investigation, the learner will receive formal correspondence from SeedCrest, Inc. advising:

    • The circumstances surrounding the appeal

    • The investigations that have been conducted

    • The findings from the investigations

    • The outcome and decision made concerning the outcome

      • Where the appeal confirms that the original assessor’s decision was correct (upheld), the learner will be reassessed if the learner has not exceeded SeedCrest, Inc.’s maximum resubmission attempts. In this case, the learner will be required to re-enroll in the unit/s of competency.

      • The learner's result will be adjusted when the appeal confirms that the original decision was incorrect.

      • Reporting and Recordkeeping

        Complaints and cases come into SeedCrest through one electronic funnel: the info@seedcrest.io email. This allows SeedCrest to track and report on cases and complaint management properly. Complaints are assigned by Customer and Technical Support to the proper authorities for resolution.

      • Case Management assigns each issue to a label:
        • Refund Requests

        • Complaints

        • Software Cases

        • Records are archived every two years to Google Drive. After five years under archive, records are destroyed at the company's discretion.

  • Computer hardware and network maintenance

  • Bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management services

  • Receipting and banking functions

  • Legal, tax advice, and audit services

  • Software and website development and maintenance

  • Technical and customer support services

  • Miscellaneous and ad hoc business services

  • Standard software programs

  • Curriculum research and editing

  • Professional videography, media, and voice-overs

  • Event management and services

Responsibilities & Statements

SeedCrest, Inc. CEO and Human Resources are responsible for selecting and onboarding outsourced providers.

SeedCrest, Inc. does not transfer any regulatory responsibilities to outsourced providers of services, nor does it place outsourced providers in roles that would harm or hold the company liable for undue or unforeseen conflicts with the public, students, or clients.

Detailed Process
  1. Risk Management

    SeedCrest, Inc. management and advisors carefully select providers in a series of meetings that include Screening, Selection, and Career meetings over 2-3 weeks and then convene to decide final steps forward for outsourcing any SeedCrest, Inc. activity.

  2. Written Contracts

    Outsourcing relationships should be governed by written contracts that clearly describe all material aspects of the outsourcing arrangement, including all parties' rights, responsibilities, and expectations.

  3. Confidentiality

    SeedCrest, Inc. takes steps to ensure that service providers protect the confidential information of both ourselves and our clients from intentional or inadvertent disclosure to unauthorized persons. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements are standard in all outsourced and employment arrangements.

  4. Outsourcing Selection Criteria

    • Length of experience and depth of expertise in services being offered

    • Requesting and assessing samples or other evidence of any previous work

    • Reference, state, and national background checks

    • Checking resumes, degrees, certifications, certificates, and accredited seminars

  5. Review processes

    • All SeedCrest, Inc. outsourced providers are reviewed every 24 months or as needed as part of the business planning process. Reviews include an assessment of the performance of the provider against the following criteria.

    • Timeliness and accuracy of service

    • Responsiveness and understanding of trends and industry developments

    • Ability to use SeedCrest communication standards

    • Demonstrated level of expertise and quality of work provided

    • Pricing and market competitiveness

    • Possible conflicts of interest

    • Dispute resolution performance

    • Disaster recovery performance

    • Changes in the business focus

    • Overall delivery compared to expectations

    • Cost and return on investment of service

    • Demand for service at the time of assessment

  6. Identification and Documentation

    • All outsourced providers are revealed in the organizational chart.

    • All outsourced providers are required to have employment agreements, job descriptions, or contracts that outline services as expected.

    • All outsourced providers are required to complete a Work-for-hire agreement.

Controlling Potential Conflicts of Interest

SeedCrest, Inc. ensures that our services and products are provided with fairness, honesty, and professionalism. The quality of our services and products is not significantly compromised by conflicts of interest created by the outsourcing of material business processes.

Disclosing Conflicts

SeedCrest Inc. encourages all outsourced providers to come forward with any conflicts of interest that may arise about the provision of services to us.

Nondiscrimination Policy

SeedCrest, Inc. is an equal and equity educational provider in Greater New Mexico and the Southwest. We do not tolerate, condone, or support discrimination. This policy applies to SeedCrest, Inc. employees, candidates, learners, clients, and supporters.

SeedCrest, Inc. offers enrollment to the Cannabis Establishment Technician + HIPAA certificate program and all courses via a cloud-based software as a service, a learning management SAAS system at www.seedcrest.io. We also offer in-classroom courses and online seminars to accommodate interested parties statewide and nationally to participate in SeedCrest educational programming.

In the unlikely event that any individual feels they have been discriminated against for whatever reason (whether based on nationality, religion, sex, race, gender, disability, etc.), they can notify the SeedCrest, Inc. CEO via email at info@seedcrest.io and via telephone at 505-463-7661. The complainant will be issued a case number, and SeedCrest will have 30 days to research and assist in correcting the issue within the legal rights and limitations of the company to do so.

SeedCrest’s Personnel and Outsourcing Policy Purpose

This policy provides a guide in assessing whether and how an activity can be appropriately outsourced. This policy applies to outsourcing curriculum development, management, and material business activities. Outsourcing involves agreeing with another party to perform, continuingly, a business activity that is, or could be, undertaken by SeedCrest personnel.


SeedCrest’s Policy is to outsource the following activities as needed:

Frequently Asked Questions about CET + HIPAA

Certificate Name: Cannabis Establishment Technician + HIPAA Certificate

Program Codes: CET + HIPAA

Certificate Purpose: To provide New Mexico state cannabis compliance topics that align with the 30-day onboarding requirements of the cannabis workforce.

Usage: This certificate is used by employers and their employees during 30-day onboarding and by job applicants and entrepreneurs to qualify for career opportunities.

Certificate value: 12 months, renewed annually as a refresher

Class Start Date: Enrollment is available 24-7 at www.seedcrest.io

Duration: 20 hours, 2-3 days to complete

Cost: $255.00

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q. What is the value of taking this Program, and who should take this Program?

    A. New Mexico Managers and Employees operating under the Cannabis Regulation Act and the NMAC rules for licensed establishments should take this Program. The value is to obtain and maintain a baseline of regulatory and industry compliance knowledge and to refresh annually in line with the NMAC 16.8.2 employer/employee training regulations.

  2. Q. Is financial or tuition aid offered for this Program?

    A. No, however, SeedCrest does offer Business and Student payment and subscription plans.

  3. Q. How do students enroll in this Program?

    A. Students can enroll online using these steps.

    1st Step - Register to complete a Student Profile at Seedcrest.io

    2nd Step - Check the Email for Correspondence Links

    3rd Step - Enroll in the CET + HIPAA program from the Programs Tab

    4th Step - Go to the My Programs Tab on the Student Dashboard and Start the Program 5th Step - After the Final Exam, the Certificate is available on the Dashboard

  4. Q. How long does the Admissions & Enrollment process take online?

    A. The online registration and enrollment process takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

  5. Q. What is the deadline to enroll in this Program?

    A. There is no enrollment deadline. You control the access to the Program.

  6. Q. What are the requirements to take the Cannabis Establishment Technician Program?

    A. Must have access to a laptop or desktop and stable wifi to take the Program. It is recommended that students have a high school diploma or G.E.D. certification to take this Program.

  7. Q. Is this Program offered online and in person?

    A. The CET + HIPAA Program is offered online at SeedCrest.io

  8. Q. Do students meet the Professor or Faculty for this online Program?

    A. Not directly; however, they can contact info@seedcrest.io for assistance anytime.

  9. Q. Is there a textbook required?

    A. No textbook is required for this Program.

  10. Q. Is there a final exam?

    A. Yes, there is a comprehensive final exam of 70 questions.

  11. Q. How many contact hours are studied?

    A. 20 contact hours with case studies to help students apply concepts to the cannabis industry.

  12. Q. Who teaches this Program?

    A. SeedCrest teaches this Program. We are a group of Human Resources, Training, Cannabis, and community Activists, Cannabis Compliance Policy Experts, Public Health Educators, Business Owners, and Current and Former Employees working in the Cannabis Field. SeedCrest is the 1st group to Pioneer Educational Programming for the cannabis workforce in New Mexico in 2017.

  13. Q. What topics are covered in the CET + HIPAA program?

    A. Here is a list of all topics covered in the CET + HIPAA Program:

    • Introduction to Cannabis

    • Federal & New Mexico Cannabis Law and Regulations

    • EHS Compliance for Employers & Employees

    • Medical vs. Commercial Use Consumer Standards

    • Ethics and Code of Conduct

    • HIPAA for Cannabis Professionals

    • Basics of Cannabis Biology

    These modules provide over 50 lessons that review Sanitation, Safety, Security, Robbery, Active Shooter, Fire, Emergencies, drug-free workplace, and Customer Standards.