SeedCrest is a workforce licensing and education software for governments who are working to create a more educated, compliant, and knowledgeable workforce with sustaining economic outcomes.

The SeedCrest SaaS system allows administrative access for Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Control Divisions the ability to act as a Virtual Compliance Officer for the marketplace. Medical and Recreational Employee and Employer Learning Management and Data Reporting & Tracking allow state cannabis compliance departments to oversee all education and licensing curricula and licensed employees in the state. By centralizing the data and making the oversight automated, state programs can save money while standardizing and providing safer outcomes through a streamlined cloud-based system as the industry expands.

SeedCrest is built to partner with government, colleges, and educators to provide learning management and licensing software tools that allow the government to lower the risk for patients and consumers by offering standardized educational outcomes and streamlined oversight of the growing marketplace all in one place. The SeedCrest software empowers cannabis control divisions and medical cannabis regulators tasked with overseeing business and employee training to provide a licensing and educational pathway to jobs and a more trained and compliant workforce.