Core Compliance Training for New Mexico's Cannabis Industry Employees by SeedCrest LLC was started in 2018 to fill compliance and regulatory gaps for Dispensaries, Couriers, Manufacturers, Laboratories, Workforce, Patients, and State Officials. Businesses & Employees who purchase this program are offered the following topics to assist in navigating and completing the Cannabis Establishment Employee Yearly Safety and Health Training per the New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.2 Regulations. Businesses use this training to onboard new employees and to retrain in the yearly compliance training to renew their Business Licenses License (yearly). Topics Include: NM CANNABIS INDUSTRY, HIPAA FOR CANNABIS PROFESSIONALS (CERTIFICATE), ETHICS, LYNN AND ERIN COMPASSIONATE USE ACT, SAFETY/SECURITY, CIVICS, RESEARCH AND MEDICAL DEVELOPMENTS. NEW BONUS COURSE ADDED 11/8/2021: DEALING WITH INFECTIOUS DISEASES ( 2022 COVID19 Awareness Course) **Prepare to take 20 hours of video lectures with audio, pre and post tests for a Certificate of Completion on required training for a 5 STAR CORE COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. © 2021 SeedCrest, LLC All Rights Reserved