The 5 STAR Patient Education Program gives students the baseline of knowledge needed to be a licensed medical cannabis patient and is meant to help patients to strengthen the customer - customer care experience, community culture, and cannabis establishment compliance in the evolving cannabis industry. The faculty who designed this course meant it to be used by aspiring and current qualified patients and qualified caregivers and their families. By taking these courses, students are informed on how the business landscape/marketplace operates in New Mexico (general business and community) culture while learning about plant and customer care basics and community standards. All vocabulary learned in these courses apply to industry consumption and business in any state, but particularly to how things operate in New Mexico. Upon completion, students will gain the baseline of knowledge and resources needed to get a good start or to continue their cannabis journey. Two of the three topics presented in this program are in fact needed to become MCP ID Licensed to work for cannabis establishments and are required compliance training for all cannabis establishments and their employees operating under the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) 7.34.4 regulations under the NM Department of Health. All Dispensaries, Manufacturers, Laboratories, and Couriers and Business Owners, Budtenders, Lab Techs, Managers, Reception, Security, Patient Care, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, and Contractors have to take these topics yearly. Important Note: This program does not include the HIPAA needed to work with patients. 2/24/2021