The Cannabis Establishment Technician + HIPAA Certificate Program is a standard compliance course for all Employers and Employees working in a cannabis licensed establishment. The CET curriculum is a practical, academic curriculum, derived from the New Mexico Administrative Code 16.8.2 (Employee Training Sections: 26,33,39,and 47) by SeedCrest. The topics covered throughout the program are all topics that align directly with the compliance training regulations for licensed cannabis retail, production, manufacturing, and laboratory establishments. The suggested audience for this course are Employers, Employees, and Job Applicants. This class provides a Certificate of Completion for job searching, onboarding of employees and for annual renewals and is good for one year, in alignment with the state of New Mexico Cannabis Control Division regulations for employee environmental, health, and safety training for the industry. Managers, Staff and Job Applicants who enroll into the CET on the SeedCrest platform have access to a recordkeeping 5 STAR profile and can self-navigate cannabis courses and earn certificates on their timeline. Each course and program is licensed for 12-months. Refer to the NMAC 16.8.2 Regulations to learn more about regulatory training requirements for businesses and workforce. Copyright © 2017-2022. SeedCrest, LLC. All Rights Reserved. SeedCrest is an equal and equity opportunity employer.