THE CANNABIS ESTABLISHMENT TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IS NOW OPEN FOR FALL 2021! The Cannabis Establishment Technician (CET) Certificate qualifies workforce and entrepreneurs for jobs and new business under the Cannabis Regulation Act and Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act. This course is for aspiring and current employees of cannabis establishments who need to maintain a baseline of knowledge to work and maintain employment in a dispensary, grow, manufacturer, testing facility, and/or courier, while understanding how to keep up with the New Mexico Administrative Code and Compliance. The purpose of the CET is to help individuals understand patient and consumer access to cannabis through the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act and the Cannabis Regulation Act. The CET Certificate of Completion showcases the ability to work in the cannabis industry and the ability to navigate the state's policy and systems. Students who take this program gain a fundamental mastery of industry safety and health standards per the New Mexico Administrative Code. Curriculum includes online instruction by industry professionals/leaders, access to communicating with trainers, and a general assessment. SeedCrest's 5 STAR Cannabis Establishment Technician Program encompasses over 40 hours with case studies and is taught by Cannabis Industry Qualified Faculty through SeedCrest, LLC. New Mexico Colleges and Universities can license this program to help their students self-qualify to get jobs and to start new businesses. Cannabis Establishments use the SeedCrest and Cannabis NM Staffing Standards to hire trained workforce who can speak the New Mexico Cannabis language and navigate state systems. Use Code FALLCET (all caps) for a $250.00 discount on this course. Terms and conditions: Code FALLCET expires October 1, 2021. The code must be used online to qualify for the discount offer, no back refunds or discounts available on this offer.