The Cannabis Establishment Technician Certificate is a standard set of state specific, relevant, special skills and vocabulary training modules for New Mexico's Cannabis Workforce. Students who apply to jobs with the CET Certificate are more likely to get interviews and make progress in the job market, while 9 of the 13 topics offered in this curriculum are all topics that align directly with the compliance training regulations for Cannabis Employers and their Employees. All employees must have Safety, Health, and Security, Law, Policy, Civics, Ethics, Crime Prevention, and Consumer Classes within 30 days of employment and annually renew the training to help the business renew their license. All employees also must pass state and national background checks. This training is available for employers, employees, and competitive job applicants. Those who pass the courses with an 80% or higher will earn a Certificate of Completion and be eligible to become a 5 STAR Alumni, which then includes ongoing career and job placement opportunities through SeedCrest Career Services. To learn more contact us. Contact for information about payment options for this course. Copyright (c) SeedCrest, LLC All rights reserved