SeedCrest and Oaksterdam University have partnered to bring the Budtending Certificate Program to cannabis industry employees and professionals who are preparing to work in a dispensary setting. Learn advocacy and budtending while earning a certificate from Oaksterdam + Seedcrest. Validate your credentials and qualifications by increasing critical knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a budtender in a dispensary setting!! The course offers scientific and practical applications for learners who are on the job. This program is modular and offers several parts, starting with an introduction to cannabis cultivation and extraction, with a background in cannabis history, law, and advocacy. Learners can also expect to learn about a breadth of cultivars and products on the market, along with how they affect the body. The course also highlights customer relations, and areas unique to cannabis retail, including product handling security and patient safety. © 2022 Wise Education Technology Inc. All rights reserved.