COMING SUMMER OF 2022!!! The SeedCrest 5 STAR Cannabis Server Permit (CSP) for Employees working in a New Mexico at a Cannabis Consumption Lounge or Area, serving cannabis onsight. This permit is meant to function much like the alcohol server permit in that it helps those businesses and professionals who are serving cannabis to be consumed in a public place to mitigate risk and liability of the consumption on behalf of the consumer and the business. Learners who will work with Cannabis Consumption Lounges (not Dispensaries, Manufacturing, Cultivation, or Courier) will need to have a CSP Education and will have to pass their final exam with an 80% or higher in order to gain their 3 year permit. Applications and permits course administration is provided by a 3rd party approved educator or vendor designated by the state of New Mexico as Certified CSP Providers. The New Mexico Regulations and Licensing Department and the Cannabis Control Divsion under the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) 16.8.10 Regulations for OCCUPATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LICENSING, COMMERICAL AND MEDICAL CANNABIS PART, CANNABIS SERVERS LICENSING AND TRAINING PROGRAM will be the provider of the final Cannabis Server Permit, mailed to the professional within 120 days of exams. © All rights reserved, Copyright SeedCrest, LLC