Responsible Vendor Training for Missouri's Medical and Adult Use Workforce. The Cannabis Facility Agent (CFA) curriculum is a standard academic program for Licensed Cannabis Employers and Employees operating under Article XIV and CSR Regulations for Medical Marijuana Operations. The suggested audience for this course is Dispensary and Cultivation Employees and Job Applicants training in the first 30-days and annually while on the job. Enrollments include 12 - months of access to the CFA Program through a Student Dashboard and Account. The CFA takes about up 20 hours to complete. Students can finish this course in 2 - days, weeks, or months, depending on the pace of study. SeedCrest, Inc. Career Coaches and Faculty are here to help guide study and to help students and company employees to finish in a timely manner. Copyright © 2017-2022. SeedCrest, Inc. All Rights Reserved. SeedCrest, Inc. is an equal and equity opportunity employer.