The 5 STAR Workforce Certificate Program gives students the baseline of knowledge needed to be a licensed employee and is meant to strengthen compliance in the evolving cannabis industry. The faculty who designed this course meant it to be used by aspiring and current employees to help maintain a positive code of conduct when entering the field to care for sick patients and consumers who choose cannabis as a medicine or means of relaxation. By taking these courses, students are informed on how to uphold industry (general business and community) culture while learning how to apply each topic to compliance standards. All vocabulary learned in these courses apply to industry and business in any state, but particularly to how things operate in New Mexico. Upon completion, students will receive a 5 STAR Workforce Certificate. This credential will not only make you more marketable amongst cannabis establishments but you will be walking in to interview with a HIGHER STANDARD of Ethics, Safety and Security, as well as the Lynna nd Erin Compassionate Use Act and Cannabis Regulation Act training that is required as a yearly compliance training for all cannabis establishments and their employees operating under the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) regulations under the Cannabis Control Division and Regulations and Licensing. Licensed Cannabis Establishment Employees working under the Cannabis Regulation Act and the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act can use the 5 STAR Workforce Certificate to train new hires and to renew yearly core compliance training needed for employees to stay informed and updated while working with patients and adult use consumers. Copyright (c) 2021, All rights reserved